About Us

The JCPAK Vision

JCPAK is one of the leading manufacturing groups of food packaging products in Taiwan. With advanced automatic machinery in more than 3,000 square meters of carefully organized working area, and years of experience know-how in the plastic thermoforming industry, JCPAK supplies packaging solutions for a wide range of food service products mainly in PS, PET, PP, & PLA. As a professional manufacturer of food packaging products, JCPAK provides innovative, value-added products with the highest standards of quality and service. Today, our product solutions fulfill this vision and keep commitment to the success of all our and customers around the world.















Market Overview

JCPAK's products are supplied to several major markets: 

·         Foodservice Distribution

·         Wholesale Distribution

·         Food Packaging Solutions

·         Consumer Markets, including -

o        Food Processor Industry

o        Supermarket & Carry Stores

            o    Sushi Chains





Distributors & Agent


We are looking for distributors worldwide. You can check with us if we already have in your region. If not, you are very welcome to be our agent or distributor! Considering Win-Win situation, we always provide all our customers/associates with quality products combined with competitive prices.

Custom Made

JCPAK’s professional team makes packaging ideas a reality! With extensive knowledge of the market trends, JCPAK provides innovative concepts for new product design, development and tooling shop for prototype testing. We welcome your special custom orders!




Now and Tomorrow - Environmentally Conscious





Environmental and governmental demands have made food packaging manufacturing more challenging than ever. Innovation must be continual! To be competitive in this day and age, the food packaging has to be both clean and green. JCPAK is always dedicated in developing new materials, products, and technologies to reduce energy for a minimum of carbon generation. All products are made from recyclable packaging materials that meet FDA regulations. We are happy to announce that we now offer Bio-degradable products for the eco-conscious buyer as well. This greatly helps our customers contribute in environmental ethic and raise eco-awareness.


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